Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Future of the Netflix API

Two weeks ago, Michael Hart (Director of Engineering for Social Systems and founder of the Netflix API) and I were prepared to present the current and future state of the Netflix API at an O'Reilly webinar. After experiencing some technical difficulties, the event never got off the ground. So we are going to give it another shot. The webinar will now be held tomorrow, December 15th at 10am PT.

One benefit to the delay is that it gave me a chance to prepare some slides (found below) detailing some of the ideas that the API team will be pursuing in the coming months. Although we are still in the research phase, we think that some of the ideas in these slides will challenge us in new ways to improve upon our already robust foundation.

Michael's slides for tomorrow's presentation were also posted on this blog and can be found here.

Please join us at the event tomorrow and we look forward to your feedback and questions!

Daniel Jacobson
Director of Engineering, API