Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Billing & Payments Engineering Meetup

On June 18th, we hosted our first Billing & Payments Engineering Meetup at Netflix.
We wanted to create a space for exchanging information and learning among professionals. That space would serve as a forum, or an agora, for a community of people sharing the same interests in the engineering aspects of billing & payment systems.
The billing and payments space is a dynamic and innovative environment that requires increased attention as it evolves. Many of the Bay Area's tech companies may have different core products, yet we all monetize in a fairly similar way. Most created billing systems internally and had to overcome similar technical or business challenges as companies grew. Moreover, as our companies expand internationally, the need to process foreign payment methods is becoming critical and potentially defining factor in maximizing chances of success.

Several trend-setting companies responded to our invite to speak to the large audience that came looking for tips and best-of-industry practices. 
Below is a recap of the agenda:
  • Mathieu Chauvin - Engineering Manager for Payments @ Netflix
  • Taylor Wicksell - Sr. Software Engineer for Billing @ Netflix
  • Jean-Denis Greze - Engineer @ Dropbox
  • Alec Holmes - Software Engineer @ Square
  • Emmanuel Cron - Software Engineer III, Google Wallet @ Google
  • Paul Huang - Engineering Manager @ Survey Monkey
  • Anthony Zacharakis - Lead Engineer @ Lumos Labs
  • Shengyong Li / Feifeng Yang - Dir. Engineering Commerce / Tech Lead Payment @ Electronic Arts
Below you can find the aggregate presentations. Thanks again to the presenters for sharing this material.

After the presentations, we held a networking session and engaged in very interesting conversations. It was a great event and another one will come up soon. Stay tuned on the meetup page to be notified!

Netflix is always looking for talented people. If you share our passion for billing & payments innovation, check out our Careers page!