Thursday, January 26, 2017

Coming Soon: Netflix Android Bootcamp

Mobile devices have had an incredible impact on people’s lives in the past few years and, as expected, Netflix members have embraced these devices for significant amounts of online video viewing. Just over a year ago, Netflix expanded from streaming in 60 countries to over 190 countries today. In many of our newer countries, mobile usage is outsized compared with other platforms. As Netflix has grown globally, we have a corresponding desire to invest more time and energy in creating great experiences on mobile.

Demand for Android engineers in the Bay Area has only increased over time and great mobile engineers are rare. To help develop great mobile talent, we’re excited to announce that we are sponsoring an upcoming Android bootcamp by CodePath. CodePath runs intensive training programs for practicing engineers who wish to develop knowledge and skill on a new platform (Android in this case).

We have chosen to partner with them for the following reasons:
  1. There are a number of CodePath graduates at Netflix who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the new platform upon class completion. Each has testified to CodePath’s success as a challenging program that rapidly prepared them for mobile development.
  2. CodePath’s program requires a rigorous demonstration of aptitude and dedication. Both Netflix and CodePath seek excellence.
  3. The CodePath admissions process is blind to gender and race, creating a level playing field for people who are often underrepresented in tech. We share the goal of creating a diverse and inclusive environment for individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

There is no cost for participants to attend. For practicing software engineers, the primary requirement is dedicating your time and energy to learn a new platform. We aim to accept 15 engineers into the program on-site to keep the class size small. Additional seats will be available to remote students.

Sessions will be held at our headquarters in Los Gatos. Classes start March 6, 2017, continuing each Monday and Wednesday evening for 8 weeks. We look forward to having you there to develop your skills on this fun and exciting platform.

By Greg Benson, Android Innovation team